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'Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!'

Below you will find some recommended reading on the subject of Gnosticism and the ancient Gnostics, the list consists of both up to date scholarly works and timeless classics, though it is but a small selection that barely scratches the surface of available literature.

New to Gnosticism? When it comes to reading we recommend that you start your journey with secondary literature about Gnosticism such as is listed below, to get a basic sense of the history, comon ideas and concepts found within the Gnostic texts themselves. When you decide to jump into the real scriptures and ancient lierature we reccomend (for example) that you start with the Apocryphon of John, The Gospel of Truth, and the Gospel of Mary. These three texts are comparatively easy to read and understand while serving to show both the diversity of thought as well as the common elements present in the ancient Gnostic traditions. Direct links to all of these texts can be found on our Ancient Gnostic Scriptures page.

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures - Revised and Updated

The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition

The Gnostic World

Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, by Stephan A. Hoeller

The Gnostic New Age: How a Countercultural Spirituality Revolutionized Religion from Antiquity to Today, by April DeConick

The Thirteenth Apostle: What The Gospel of Judas Really Says (revised), by April Deconick

Ancient Gnosticism: Traditions And Literature , by Birger Pearson

How to Think Like a Gnostic, by Jeremy Puma

A Gnostic Prayerbook: Rites, Rituals, Prayers and Devotions for the Solitary Modern Gnostic, by Jeremy Puma

Apocalypse of the Alien God: Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism, by Dylan Burns

Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition, by John Turner

The Spiritual Seed: The Church of the Valentinians, by Einar Thomassen

The Fall of Sophia, by Violet MacDermot

The Secret History of The Gnostics, by Andrew Philip Smith

John the Baptist and and the Last Gnostics: The Secret History of the Mandaeans, by Andrew Philip Smith

A Gnostic's Progress: Magic and the Path of Awakening, by Steve Dee

The Gospel of the Prophet Mani, by Duncan Greenlees

Manichaeism, by Michel Tardieu

The Gnostic Paul, by Elaine Pagels

Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, by Gershom Scholem

The Gnostic Jung and Seven Sermons to the Dead, by Stephan Hoeller

Turn of an Age: The Spiritual Roots of Jungian Psychology in Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Alchemy, by Alred Ribi

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